About Us

We are so excited that you have embarked on your adventures in Quality control with us. We truly believe in the importance of a strong Quality Control department for all General Contractors and Subcontractors. We have made it our passion to provide support and training to Quality Control Managers across the globe.

Renee Is 51% Owner of a General Contracting Company which is an 8a small business. Renee has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Colorado State University. She has worked as a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Thiokol Propulsion working on Federal Projects for NASA and the space program along with several Intel Facilities across the U.S before getting into General Contracting. Renee has been doing Quality Control and Federal Building for 25+ years.

Greg has come up thru the ranks of the Sheet Metal Union and was a certified Test & Balance Supervisor, Building Systems Commissioning Agent and Small Business Owner before coming over to Quality Control in Federal Contracting. Greg has been doing Federal Construction for 30+ years

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